A brief background on the author and how this website came to be

The Universal Extinction Constant (UEC) and the importance to humanity of adopting the human Extinction Threat Level (ETL) as a global measure is a thesis written by Alan J Bessant.
This website is based on that outline paper and more information is available upon request. The website went live on 25/02/07. Alan is 39 years old and based in the UK. He works in the field of industrial pollution monitoring.

Reference books/papers used for the development of this thesis include:-

The Sixth Extinction (Biodiversity and its Survival) by Richard Leakey and Roger Lewin.

Classifying species according to threat of extinction - a system for New Zealand. Threatened Species. J. Molloy; B.D. Bell; M. Clout; P. de Lange; G. Gibbs; D. Given; D. Norton; N. Smith; T. Stephens.

A Short History of Nearly Everything, by Bill Bryson.


The original outline paper The Univeral Extinction Constant was written in April 2005.