What is the Universal Extinction Constant?

Every field of scientific research appears to be converging on the fact that the Earth and the universe at large can be extremely unstable, dangerous and hostile to life. We are proving that existence can be a very fickle and temporary state. Human technological advances mean that, as a species, we are now also capable of instigating our own extinction.

Every species will suffer an extinction threat for the duration of its existence. Put more simply, every species is endangered to a greater or lesser degree.

This common threat is the Universal Extinction Constant (UEC). It is a permanent feature for all life, but only an advanced sentient species (ie humans) can be fully aware of the UEC. Perhaps the increasing number of discussions about the threats facing humanity shows that we are now starting to embrace this concept.

The UEC is a constant variable. Its changing value is called the The Extinction Threat Level (ETL). Please follow this link for an explanation of ETL and the importance of adopting it as a global measure.