Some of the possible extinction threats facing the human race

Every field of scientific research appears to be converging on one simple fact. That the Earth and the universe at large can be extremely unstable, dangerous and hostile to life. We are proving that existence can be a very fickle and temporary state. Human technological advances mean that, as a species, we are also capable of instigating our own extinction.

Perhaps the increasing number of discussions about the possible threats facing humanity shows that we are already starting to embrace the concept of the Universal Extinction Constant.

Dramatically reducing the ETL for our species will require co-operation, investment and understanding on a planetary scale. Technological advances may provide solutions, but may also create risks. Therefore, adopting a simple shared measure that applies to, and can be understood by, everyone is very important.

Below is a list of some possible threats, which it has been suggested could lead to the extinction of all human life. Therefore, they all have the potential to impact the The Extinction Threat Level (ETL). Our success or failure to manage and reduce the risks from these possible threats can, therefore, be measured by the changing ETL value.

Nuclear proliferation
Climate change
Nuclear warfare or terrorism
Biological warfare or terrorism
Chemical warfare or terrorism
Viral pandemic 
Super pathogens
Rising populations
Loss of biodiversity
Third world poverty
Genetic engineering
Nano technology
Artificial intelligence
Near earth object collisions (such as a meteorite or comet)
Seismic events (such as a super volcano eruption)
Near earth supernova
Death of the sun
Extra-terrestrial invasion