Two competitions are proposed to help bring the UEC vision to life

Before reading this section please familiarise yourself with the vision.

The Extinction Threat Level (ETL) is only useful if it is monitored and published regularly. It needs to have a permanent physical presence and be presented in a way that captures peoples' imaginations.

There will be two design competitions. One to create a logo for the project, the second to design a touchstone, perhaps some form of modern obelisk, to be located in chosen cities around the world. The design criteria for this object is extremely challenging (see below).

If you are interested in taking part in either competition please visit the how you can help page.

Brief outline of some of the design criteria for the touchstones (TS):-

Each TS will be identical in design.

The TS must be able to display and output dynamic information. It is possible that the information may be relayed to other screens and displays for wider public view.

The TS design should be timeless. A fusion of art and technology.

The TS design should convey the concept of the Universal Extinction Constant and the ever-changing Extinction Threat Level facing all life.

The TS should be capable of functioning without maintenance for 1000 years. Material selection and built-in redundancy considerations will be important.

The TS should be very robust and able to survive predictable external wear and tear, such as the effects of wind and rain.

The TS must be networked - able to communicate in at least three separate ways, two of which should be independent of any external connections.

Each TS should still function if one or more is disabled.

The TS will be capable of functioning for prolonged periods independent of all remote services - including electrical power.

The TS network will be capable of receiving external data in at least three separate ways. Access will be protected by suitable security measures.

The TS network should be capable of expansion beyond Earth.